JSC TYAZHMASH carried out unique testing of transport lock designed for NPPs

March 24, 2017

Joint stock company TYAZHMASH was first in Russia who applied technology of transport lock hydraulic testing. New method was successfully mastered.

Leak testing of transport lock was a key requirement of the Customer. The device designed for transportation of new and spent nuclear fuel as well as radioactive wastes shall provide total tightness. That’s why manufacturers usually employ the pneumatic method of testing when compressed air is delivered into lock under the high pressure. But specialists of JSC TYAZHMASH decided to create safer working conditions.

According to the new technology, 300 tons of water were pumped into transport lock. An additional pressure was created. Specialists of JSC TYAZHMASH provided the advanced utility system and special rubber dams to discharge water from the workshop in case of accidental spill.

As a result, the high quality of transport lock was confirmed. The product met all the requirements and provided necessary pressure of 4.5 atm. New method was implemented during production of the transport lock for Belorusskaya NPP.