Construction of Beloporozhskaya SHPP-1 and SHPP-2 began

January 13, 2017

At the end of 2016 JSC TYAZHMASH received the advance payment under the agreement on designing, manufacturing, model tests, delivery, and supervision installation of equipment for Beloporozhskaya SHPP-1 and SHPP-2 in the Republic of Karelia. Total advance payment was about 450 mln roubles. Procurement of materials and production of hydraulic and crane equipment began. The Construction Contractor started works on dam filling at the facility.

The affiliated company of JSC TYAZHMASH — ČKD Blansko Holding (the Czech Republic) received the advance payment as well. The company will manufacture runners, turbine shafts, rods, oil receivers, shaft sealings, platforms, and ladders for oil receivers.

Technical documentation for turbine and automatic control system has already been developed by JSC TYAZHMASH and agreed with the Customer. Design of cranes with lifting capacity of 80/15 tons and cranes with lifting capacity of 120/15 tons for both generator halls has been approved as well.