Model tests of hydraulic turbine for Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP

January 27, 2017

Model acceptance tests of hydraulic turbine for Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP were carried out on the basis of CKD Blansko Holding (the Czech Republic).

Tests were performed under the leadership of VT Turbo in cooperation with technical personnel of JSC TYAZHMASH.

All procedures were carried out in accordance with the program that included:

  • measurements of efficiency and runway speed, cavitation tests;
  • geometry control of turbine elements including 3D scanning of runner blade model;
  • calibration of measuring devices used for testing.

As a result, all guaranteed values of efficiency and power were confirmed. The measured value of turbine efficiency at the rated power of 76.2 MW and rated head of 58.5 m was 95.33% (according to the concluded agreement, the measured value of efficiency was 94.35%).

The final certificate of model tests was signed with representatives of the Customer TGC-1 and representatives of the General Contractor TER LLC.