Shipment to HPP Chaparral

December 9, 2016

In December 2016 the affiliated company of JSC TYAZHMASH — ČKD Blansko Holding (the Czech Republic) shipped the next batch of equipment to HPP Chaparral.

The project is implemented under the agreement concluded in December 2015 with CEL (El Salvador).

The batch included spiral chamber of Francis turbine. For the purpose of transportation, the spiral chamber was divided into two parts. Weight of the larger part (7675×4960×3985 mm) was 28 tons. Turbine pit lining, foundation ring, and means for spiral chamber pressure test were shipped as well.

Wicket gate for the turbine No. 1 was successfully accepted in December 2016. Representatives of the Customer (CEL) and technical consultant from ICE participated in the acceptance procedure. Functional tests of wicket gate, measurement of clearances between guide vanes in closed position, measurement of axial end clearances between lower and upper rings and vanes were carried out during acceptance procedure. Wicket gate will be transported in January 2017.