Our History

This page is devoted to the plant which role is inseparably associated with the country history and to the people worked at the plant. It is devoted to employees whose gift, skills, indefatigable diligence have made the plant not only one of the leading companies in the country but also the world-famous supplier of powerful and reliable machines operating in all spheres of industry.
Years of the World War II
Lyudinovo, Kaluga region
22nd June 1941
Beginning of the Great Patriotic War

Since the beginning of the war the plant has been producing defense products. The front line came close to the city, and decision on Lyudinovsky plant evacuation into Syzran has been taken.

Pavel Ivanovich Abroskin
Managed the plant in 1938–1944. Then he was directed to reconstruct one of the plants in Bezhitsa.

Pavel Abroskin was the first recipient of the Lenin Order at the plant.
15th August 1941
The first train...

The first echelon with equipment of Lyudinovsky engineering plant was sent to Syzran.

Winter came

The plant was in great straits — no materials, no transport, no mechanisms. There was a great lack of people — 232 persons worked except for 3500 required ones.

December 1941
The first batch

The first batch of production was sent to the front line.

„There are no people to work; machines are operated by children of 13-14 years old with lack of knowledge and skills,”

Pavel Ivanovich Abroskin wrote in one of his reports.

30th November1942
Plan overfulfillment

The report of planning department over 1942 contained the following information: plan on the product trade output was executed in advance!

Sergey Matveevich Makeev
In 1928 he finished Donetsky cooperative university. Sergey Makeev held position of Syzran plant Director General in 1944-1958.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Order of the Badge of Honour, medals.
July 1945
Award for labour

In July 1945 the plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for the successful performance of government tasks on the plant construction, for portable engines production setup, for ammunition production.

The first postwar five-year plan was executed in advance, in August 1950, overfulfilling the business plan, developing the infrastructure and mastering the new products output.

1st August 1941
Plant evacuation

Evacuation of Lyudinovsky plant began on the 1st of August and lasted one and a half of month. 1342 core workers and technical-and-engineering employees (the fourth part of team) have arrived in Syzran.

Maria Sergeevna Goltsova
Participated in construction of Syzran plant and worked at the plant for a long time.

17th September 1941
...and the last one!

Trains were arriving with the interval of one day. People arrived with equipment. On the 17th of September 1941 the last, 38th echelon left.

Everything for victory

The country needed ammunition. To save time machines and other equipment were installed and operated outdoor, then laps were erected.

April 1942
New workshops

The essential casting workshop was put into operation.

More than two thousand workers of the plant were granted with medal „For Valiant Labour in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945”

750 women and teenagersmastered nonprofessional occupations at the plant during the Great Patriotic War

In December 1942 the plant was granted with transferable banner of State Defense Committee for the championship in socialist competition.

April 1945
Peaceful products

The first echelon with portable engines for the Ukraine national economy was sent from the plant.

12th September 1947
Building school

The essential casting workshop was put into operation.

At the plant initiative, the seven-year school No. 20 was founded in the building of light construction.

Great constructions
67 700 h. p.— total power of portable engines manufactured by the plant by the end of decade.

Great plan

By the early 1950s, so-called „Great construction works of communism” began in the country. The total output of hydraulic power plants erected within this plan was more than 4 billion kilowatt. Syzran plant changed profile and began to produce hydraulic turbines. In November 1951 the plant received new name — Syzran hydroturbine plant.

Hydraulic turbines were put into operation

The first three hydraulic turbines of Kamskaya HPP delivered industrial current.

In 8 years the plant had manufactured 36 turbines. Kamskaya, Kairakkumskaya, Varvarinskaya HPPs were fully equipped with products of Syzran plant. Simultaneously the plant had produced turbine units for other HPPs of the country.

Large workshop

The first hydroturbine workshop No. 5, the largest in Volga region, was put into operation.

Opening hospital

To provide the employees with qualified medical care, the specialized medical complex was created.

Maxim Zakharovich Sabrurov
Director of Syzran plant in 1958–1962. He made substantial contribution to the plant development, created industry to execute space orders and gave the new profile for the company — power engineering industry.

Maxim Sabrurov was the first recipient of the Lenin Order at the plant.
40 000 m2— area of workshop No. 5. It was the largest workshop in Europe.

Polina Ivanovna Mozhaeva
Highly experienced welder executed the most important orders.

„Kama giants”

The plant began to produce „Kama giants” — Kaplan turbines for Kamskaya HPP. It was the first time in the world, when the building of HPP was installed inside the overflow dam where 24 assemblies being operated by one control panel were planned to be placed.

Grigory Georgievich Maslov
The holder of Workman’s mark.

The first ball mills

The production of ball mills began. The order on the first mill Sh-10 for Mongolia was received.

Логотип Сызраньского завода тяжелого машиностроенияIn 1957 the plant was renamed in Syzran heavy engineering plant.

New targets

New target was set for the plant: to manufacture crushing-and-grinding, crane equipment and belt conveyors for iron industry, ore mining industry and thermal power plants.

The production of powerful belt conveyors with belt length of 2000 mm and output of 3000 t/h began.

18th August 1960
The first number

The first number of „Mashinostroitel” was issued.

Space age beginning

Rockets „Proton” placing stations „Salyut”, „Mir” into orbit and „Energy-Buran” system were created with the participation of our plant. The plant employees manufactured about 70 items of assembly, transport and test equipment.

Unique rocket

The plants personnel were instructed to produce equipment and stands with unique dimensions, major components of N-1 rocket farms.

Anatoly Viktorovich Korolkov devoted more than half a century to the plant. He participated in creation of many unique devices for space equipment including radio-telescope „RATAN-600”.

Expanding possibilities

The production of hydraulic cylinders for walking excavators was mastered.

Ust-Khantayskaya HPP

Ust-Khantayskaya HPP was accepted by State commission with grade of „Excellent”. Significant contribution to it was made by Syzran designers. Many employees were awarded Mark of „Builder of Ust-Khantayskaya HPP” for their participation in construction of this unique HPP.„.

two times.Production capacity of the plant increased

Era of intensive development

60s of the last century was an era of the plant intensive development. Expansion of assortment, mastering the new products required expansion of production. New workshops were put into operation, new equipment was installed.

The 100th mill Sh-50A was produced at the plant.
Products for export

The first export orders on conveyors for TPP „Neyveli” (India) and TPP „Maritsa-Vostok” (Bulgaria) were received.

Evgeny Fedorovich Muraviev worked at Syzran hydroturbine plant as engineer, head of external cooperation department, secretary of Party Committee. In 1961 he was confirmed in office of Chief engineer, and then — Director General of Syzran heavy engineering plant.

New achievements

Thermal cutting body and raw-material bay, carpenter-and-pattern workshop were put into operation.

Taisia Sergeevna Agrova was the first woman — head of production-and-work bureau of the plant.


Radically new mill of „Cascade” type was created.

In 1967 the plant received memorable red banner and diploma of Kuybyshev regional committee of CPSU, Province Executive Committee and Industry Committee.

Book of Labour Glory
December 1971

Sanatorium-preventorium „Zdorovie” accepted the first guests.

Yuri Fedorovich Pushkin
Foreman of erection electricians of workshop No. 6 is one of the best workers at the plant.

Radio-telescope „RATAN-600”, launching systems at „Baikonur” and „Plesetsk” space-launching complexes... Practically all items produced by the plant over the past decades had been packaged by team of Yuri Fedorovich Pushkin.

The largest radio-telescope

The unique telescope „RATAN-600” with diameter of 600 m was installed in Zelenchukskaya rural locality. The first radio- astronomical observations were performed on the 12th of July 1974. More than 20 years „TYAZHMASH” had been the main supplier of mechanical equipment for radio-telescope. 10 000 tons of metal structures had been produced during this period.

Activity of Syzran plant was highly appreciated by many rewards. In 1973 — transferable red banner of Heavy Engineering Ministry and Central Committee of heavy engineering trade union. Successful execution of tasks during the most important year of IX five-year plan (1974) was marked with transferable red banner and certificate of honour granted by Central Committee of CPSU, Council of Ministers, All-Union Central Trade Union Council and Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, the plant employees were mentioned in the Book of Labour Glory.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Fimanov
Chief Technologist of JSC „SHTP”.

In 1972 quality mark was assigned to mills Sh-10, Sh-12, Sh-16.

December 1974
Reward for labour

Following the results of annual work, the plant was entered in the Book of Labour Glory.

In July 1974 the plant name was changed: Syzran turbine building plant of Order of the Red Banner.

Perestroika (Restructuring)
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly turbines were installed at Cheboksarskaya HPP. These turbines were the first ones in the USSR.

Vladimir Yurievich Zhelannov /strong>
The unique specialist devoted many years to work in PJSC „TYAZHMASH”. He is responsible and competent manager, mentor. Vladimir Zhelannov participated in many significant projects of the plant. Now he is the head of industrial service department.

New mills

Turbine builders received an order on creation of machines of radically new execution — MMS 105-54 („Yakutalmaz”) and MMS 105-38 („Erdenet”, Mongolia).

Anatoly Petrovich Zaytsev
assumed the plant leadership in March 1981. In February 1984 he was appointed as Deputy Minister of power engineering industry.

Quality mark was assigned to Cheboksarskaya HPP turbine.

1 450 000 kW— output of Cheboksarskaya HPP with installed turbine.

Responsible mission

In 1982 the following item was included in special duties of the plant employees: „To master the industrial production of hydraulic shock absorbers for NPPs”. Previously they had been purchased in Japan and Germany, and from that time Syzran mechanic engineers were instructed to produce this equipment.

The latter half of 1983
Hydraulic shock absorbers

Hydraulic shock absorbers Serial production of hydraulic shock absorbers, one of the most important serial products in the plant history began.


At the international Leipzig Fair, Defense Industry of the USSR demonstrated its products for the first time. Among exhibit items there was space complex „Energy-Buran”. „TYAZHMASH” produced many products for it.

New time
1990–1999 гг.

They were instructed to hand over the products omitting control departments.

218 workersreceived workman’s marks.
September 1998
Tunnel shield „Kvarts”.

The first tunnel shield „Kvarts” for underground utilities laying was produced under the order of Moscow builders.

December 1996
New mills

Technical Committee considered the project of new 3-roller medium speed mill MVS-260 with output of 57 t/h.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Panteleev
Managed the plant from May 1997 till September 2004.

In June 1984 the first industrial batch of hydraulic shock absorbers for Kalininskaya and Zaporozhskaya NPPs was manufactured by Bogdanov’s team.

December 1998
Unique radio-telescopes

The first of three unique radio-telescopes „RTF-32” was put into operation in Svetloe village.

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors in flameproof execution were shipped for TPP-22 of „Mosenergo” branch.

Anatoly Nikolaevich Denisov
Highly experienced punch operator, mentor.

„Corumba” HPP (Brazil)

The contract on production of two turbine units under the project of „Corumba” HPP (Brazil) was concluded.

Training center

The implementation of unique project — chair „Engineering technologies” located in the territory of PJSC „TYAZHMASH” and performed in-service training of specialists with higher education began.

Tender was won

Tender on turbines delivery for assemblies Nos. 17 and 23 for Kamskaya HPP was won.

TPP „Barh” in India

The first of 30 mills MVS-265 was shipped for TPP „Barh” in India

Equipment on turnkey basis

The first contract of PJSC „TYAZHMASH” on delivery of hydraulic power equipment on turnkey basis for HPP „Chaparral” in Salvador, Latin America was concluded.

In 2010 Andrey Fedorovich Trifonov has taken the lead of PJSC „TYAZHMASH”.

Award for contribution

In June 2012 Nikolay Merkushkin, Head of Samara region handed out the gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation to PJSC „TYAZHMASH” personnel for substantial contribution to heavy engineering, high-technology products development and manufacturing.

Teleradio tower in Moscow

Installation of Moscow teleradio tower at Oktyabrskoye Pole. Metal structures of tower were manufactured in Syzran

300 m — height of teleradio tower.
Yumaguzinskaya HPP

The startup of Yumaguzinskaya HPP equipped with equipment produced by PJSC „TYAZHMASH”.

Viktor Ivanovich Ilin was awarded title of Honoured Mechanical Engineer by Decree of the Russian Federation President.

MV 1600×400×900 mills

Contract on Zheleznogorskaya TPP equipage with 16 mills MV 1600×400×980 was concluded.

Launching complex

Launching complex Complex of equipment for Russian-French space-launching complex „Courou” was delivered to the Customer.

Sergey Fedorovich Trifonov
managed PJSC „TYAZHMASH” during six years.

Mills for Germany

Manufacturing of two mills TBM-245 created on the basis of MVS mills for German company Babcock Borsig Service was finished.

New tender was won

In 2009 PJSC „TYAZHMASH” won tender on reconstruction of assemblies Nos. 9, 10, and 22 for KamskayaHPP on turnkey basis. The project was financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

September, 2009
MVS-195 mill

Successful tests and delivery of the first mill MVS-195 to the Customer were performed in workshop No. 30.