About Company

Technological and technical capabilities as well as specialists’ competence provide means for complete using of all production sites of TYAZHMASH GC at full capacity.


Syzran, Russia

Main production units are located in Syzran. Specialists of “TYAZHMASH” have wide experience in development and production of grinding-and-crushing, fuel preparatory, transportation equipment, equipment for NPPs and land-based launching complexes. “TYAZHMASH” was founded in 1941. Today “TYAZHMASH” takes one of the leading places in international companies rating of heavy, power and transport engineering. “TYAZHMASH” is an active company; it is on firm ground in current business environment. Equipment produced by “TYAZHMASH” possesses high quality, reliability, long term of operating life and high maintainability.

Permanent maintenance of technical and technological developments high level in accordance with world standards becomes possible owing to active cooperation with research-and-development establishments and higher education establishments of the country as well as with specialists of foreign firms.



Syzran, Russia

Today JSC “KARDAN” is one of the modern enterprises in the sphere of universal-joint drives production in Russia. The enterprise supplies universal-joint shafts for OJSC “AvtoVAZ” vehicles.

JSC “KARDAN” was registered in 1998. About 5 mln universal-joint drives have already been produced. JSC “KARDAN” was certified with respect to compliance with requirements of ISO 2001 quality system (in 2004), GOST R (in 2006).


ČKD Blansko Holding a.s.

Blansko, Czech Republic

ČKD Blansko Holding a.s. is a manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic turbines and hydrotechnic equipment for power plants. It is one of the largest enterprises of turbomachinery industry in Czech Republic. Production of hydraulic turbines began in 1904. About 850 hydraulic turbines of various types and outputs have already been produced by ČKD Blansko Holding a.s. ČKD Blansko Holding a.s. possesses wide experience in the sphere of projects implementation on turnkey basis. It includes design, construction, and production of hydraulic turbines and hydroturbine equipment, as well as mounting works, testing, and putting into operation. Operating personnel training is possible. The enterprise performs hydraulic turbines and equipment repair works and upgrading. It produces adjustable-blade, radial-axial, diagonal, bulb, diversion and reversible turbines as well as turbines of Pelton type.